Ustadha Muna As-Sayed Ahmed Hasanain

‏Ustadha Muna obtained a bachelors of Education ‏and graduated from Al Furqan Institute for training of teachers of the Noble Quran, in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. She has eight years experience teaching the Noble Quran at memorization schools with an organization in the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. sheachieved second place in the Taj Alkarama competition in memorization of the whole Quran, it’s Mutashabihat and Tajweed at a regional level. ‏she worked as a silver licensed supervisor in the organization of Quran memorization, Dammam and has an ijazah in riwaya Asim and the texts of At-Tutfah and Al-Jazariyaa. She also studied at an institute of Qira’aat in Alexandria, Egypt