Why E-Learning?

Studying via online methods (E-learning) has become for many people a successful method of long-distance learning and is no longer considered strange.
That being said we do understand that there are those who have not heard, or experienced, E-learning and have hesitation on the subject. For this reason here are some of its advantages:

  1. E-learning is available to the vast majority of people, unlike traditional learning methods where travelling is necessary to acquire this knowledge (to Arab countries for example).
  2. Reduced costs as traveling and accommodation are not necessary.
  3. The opportunity to benefit from a wide variety of lecturers, regardless of geographic location which is not the case in traditional studying methods.
  4. The flexibility of studying hours, which is tailor made for the student, which allows each and every one to plan around their own schedule, whether it be day or night.
  5. The opportunity for any student to persevere in his studies regardless of circumstances, even if they were to move countries, as long as they have an internet connection.
  6. Finally E-learning provides opportunities for Muslim women to study from the comfort of their homes, thus avoiding the need to be in mixed environments.

How are lessons conducted?

Lessons are taught Live in “Virtual rooms” with Audio, Video and virtual whiteboards (very similar to traditional classroom whiteboards).
These lessons are either private, or in small groups. See details regarding this under the “inscription” section on our site.

Further to Live lessons, students will have access to complimentary study and support material available to download.
With regards to books studied in this curriculum, the student can either download them, as .pdf, or buy a hard copy. Otherwise the Midad centre can help the student to get one if needed.