Advanced Level


Advanced Level

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What comes after studying the essentials of Arabic Language?

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For advanced students Midad offers specialist courses in the essential sciences of the Arabic Language; grammar (nahw), morphology (sarf) and rhetoric (balagha).
•For the study of grammar (nahw) the book Tatbeeq an Nawh by Doctor Abduhu Al Rajihee completed in approx. 60 hours
•For morphology (sarf) the book Tatbeeq as sarfi by Doctor Abduhu Al Rajihee completed in approx. 30 hours
•For rhetoric (balagha) the book AlBalagha Al Wadiha by ustadh Mustafa Ameen completed in approx. 30 hours
In order to progressively raise your level of language and to ensure nothing is forgotten it is essential to continue reading the Arabic books, for this reason we also offer studying the book: Soura Min Hayati Sahaba by Doctor Rafit al Basha or any traditional book you feel will best achieve your personal goals. Continuation in studies is essential to preserve a language, we know well that ceasing studies often leads to students forgetting and loosing Arabic as second language is not like a mother tongue.

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Conversational Programs

Midad offers structured and professional speaking lessons. Themes and topics to reflect daily life are used, in addition to topics that meet the interests of the student. The aim of these lessons is to enable to student to communicate fluently and effectively with others in any circumstances that may arise in the society they live in.