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Ta’leem AlArabia is an Arabic Language series for children growing up not speaking Arabic as a first language. This series was specifically designed to cover from nursery stage through to year 12. It covers all the basic elements of language; sounds, letters, words and phrases and is inclusive of all four language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition to this, the series is reflective of Islamic culture and incorporates Islam into the lessons. It contains Quranic verses, ahadeeth, nasheeds in addition to puzzles that challenge the mind of the student and create a joyful atmosphere for their learning.

The series includes a student book and a complementary activity book for every level. The student book includes the elements of language, as for the activity book, it includes beneficial exercises and questions for the student inclusive of all four language skills and subject matters that the student covers in class. Accompanying there is also an electronic interactive version of the book which is excellent, it is beneficial and entertaining for the student during the time of lesson and outside of lesson.

The first book comprises of 25 chapters and takes approximately 75 hours to complete (not including the time for activity book which is completed outside of lesson time and exam time). As for the second book it comprises of 24 chapters and takes approximately 45 hours to complete (not including the time for activity book), it is less hours than the first book as after completion of the first level Arabic will become easier for the student. As for the third book it also comprises of 24 chapters and will be completed in approximately 60 hours (not including the activities from the activity book)

From the many advantages of this great series is that at the end of each book there is an exam to evaluate and asses the understanding and learning of the student.
After the completion of this series your child will be able to speak and communicate in the Arabic language as well as being able to read and listen while understanding what has been read and heard.