1. Ustadh Ali Abu Abdur Rahman (UK) – Founder of Midad

  2. Shaykh Doctor Muhammad Al-Ebady (Egypt) – Arabic Language and Fiqh teacher, Head of Midad’s Men’s Department

  3. Ustadha Sahar (Egypt) – Arabic Language teacher, Head of Midad’s Women’s Section

  4. Ustadha Shaykha Aisha Ahmad Farid (Egypt) – Qur’an teacher, Head of Midad’s Qur’an Department

  5. Ustadh Abdul Aziz Al-Ebady (Egypt) – Accountant, Coordinator for New Lessons and Student Welfare and Concerns

  6. Alice Soley (UK) – Responsible for Social Media and Responding to Queries

Our Location in Egypt:

Khalil Al-Magraby
Off Gamal Abdul Nasir
Al Asafra
Alexandria Egypt