Why study with Midad?

Why study with Midad:

There are many reasons to study with Midad, here are a few…

  1. The teachers responsible for running Midad have a wealth of experience; over 15 years, in teaching the Arabic language, the Quran and tajweed, both online and on the ground in Egypt.

  2. Every teacher at Midad specialised in their teaching field and is highly experienced and skilled in Arabic or teaching the Qur’an.

  3. You get a free trial lesson before signing up.

  4. Midad can welcome students in the city of Alexandria, Egypt. With its beautiful weather and being far from the congestion daily life students can study an intensive full time programme for a minimum of 3 months, with possible extension subject to Egyptian visa regulations.
    It’s an amazing opportunity to see Arabic culture first hand and immerse yourself in the Arabic language.
    Midad can assist students in finding suitable accommodation for a good price (generally Egypt can be one of the cheapest countries to spend time in).

  5. Midad uses a strategy of teaching Arabic in Arabic believing this is the best and strongest method to cement the language in the mind of students. It also breaks down language barriers and ensures we can work with any student regardless of their nationality and native language.

  6. Midad offers a theoretical and practical teacher training program to enable our students to not only learn the Arabic language, but to go on and teach Arabic to others.

  7. Midad provides Ijazat in Qur’an with some of the highest asnads and cheapest prices, in addition to tajweed lessons and Islamic studies in both Arabic and English.

  8. Midad offers lessons for beautifying your Qur’anic recitation and training for Qur’an teachers.

  9. As Midad is not focused on making profit, lesson prices have been kept at an affordable $6 an hour since the beginning, despite the increased cost of living in Egypt.

  10. Midad offers group classes (not exceeding 10 students) to reduce costs for students and benefit larger numbers.

  11. Midad has a specific curriculum for children taught by teachers who specialise in teaching children.

  12. Midad works with voluntary organisation to provide Islamic lessons in different languages in addition to special classes for new muslims to learn their religion.

  13. Midad offers free lessons twice a week for women with an understanding of Arabic in two books based on the seerah and lives of the shabiyat.

  14. For any student who brings a new student to Midad we will give them free lessons amounting to half the hours the new student will study monthly. (Capped at 5 hours).

  15. Midad provides certificates certified by World Federation of Schools in the Arabic Language of which we are a member, in addition to being able to provide certificates from certified by Al Azhar As Shareef in the Noble Qur’an.