Intermediate Level

After completion of the introductory levels Midad offers a choice of two programs in order to cater to our student’s personal goals and preferences:

midad programmes

Option 1

Studying the Al Arabia Bayna Yadyk book series. It is one of the most accredited and well known books for learning Arabic. The series focuses on contemporary Arabic and improving speaking and conversational skills. Through studying this book you will learn hundreds of new vocabulary be able to read and understand modern books, the media and converse with others. The series is broken in to 8 levels with each level taking between 60 – 70 hours to complete. As we at Midad do not want to neglect grammar additional extracts are taken from Kitab-al-Assasi,
while additional audios and visuals are also used to further strengthen
speaking and listening skills.

midad programmes

Option 2

Studying a combination of two books: for the first two levels you will study Al Arabia Bayna Yadyk for its simplicity and use of daily conversations. Throughout the remaining 10 levels you will study a series of books from the University of Al Imam Ibn Saud, each level taking approximately 30-40 hours. This series is distinguished by its Islamic ethos; its topics include stories of the prophets and the tabi’een, biographies of Muslim scholars of the past, Qur’anic verses and ahadeeth. This series is ideal for those studying the Arabic language in order to understand the Qur’an, and traditional Islamic texts. The series will also enable you to eloquently communicate with others. Throughout the series you will also study grammar (nahw) and morphology (sarf).

midad programmes

Regardless of the chosen curriculum your teacher will also use their own expressions, dictations, audios and visuals to strengthen your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students can also study both of these programs one after the other should they desire. At Midad we strive to keep in mind your own personal goals and can tailor our course to ensure you achieve them.