Kitab Al Arabiyah Bayna Yadyk

The series consists of8  books and focuses on contemporary Arabic.
It is available in PDF:
Kitab Al Arabiyah Bayna Yadyk
and easily found in book shops.

Kitab University Imam Ibn Saud in Riyadh

This series is taught in the university of Imam Ibn Saud to non-native Arabic speakers.
It is divided into lessons for reading, grammar, morphology, expressions and conversations. There is also a simple curriculum for Islamic sciences.
Midad goes through these books in 10 levels.
The series focuses on classical Arabic that aids the student in understanding the Qur’an and reading classical books.
The book is only available in PDF from the following link:
Kitab University Imam Ibn Saud in Riyadh

Kitab Ta’leem Al Arabia

This series is designed specifically for children; it consists of suitable topics, pictures and some basic rules.

Kitab At Tatbeeq An Nahwi

Written by the scholar Doctor Abduh Al  Rajihee, this book specialises in the application of grammar, it strengthens the students skills in I’rab’ by applying ‘Irab’ on Qur’anic verses.
This greatly benefits the student enabling them to understand Quranic verses from a new perspective and helping them to greater understand their meanings.
In additon it helps the student to speak with precise speech, applying the correct harakat without mistakes.
The book is also available in PDF:
Kitab At Tatbeeq An Nahwi

Kitab Al Nahw Al Wadeh

This book is concerned with Classical-Arabic grammar; it is distinguished by simplifying Arabic grammar rules and helping students to understanding them.
In addition to this it includes various grammar exercises which break the barrier between the student and language allowing them to master the rules easily and efficiently.
The book is composed of three levels for the elementary stage and a further three levels for the advanced stage.
After completing the series students will be able to read different Arabic texts easily in both comprehension and expressive domains.
PDF link:
Kitab Al Nahw Al Wadeh

Kitab Tatbeeq As Sarfi

Also authored by the scholar Doctor Abduh Al Rajhee, the book focuses on presenting the essential rules of word morphology to enable the student to understand one of Arabic’s most important and essential systems.
After studying the book the student will be able to extract many words on different patterns from one root word and understand the meaning off all of them.
This provides immense benefit to a student’s vocabulary as Arabic is a language derived from root words; they will have a much greater understanding when reading after completing this book.
Available in PDF:
Kitab Tatbeeq As Sarfi

Tajweed Rules of the Qur’an

a renowned book on the rules of tajweed authored by Kareema Carol Czerepinski.
Available from the following link:
Tajweed Rules of the Qur’an
Other Tajweed books in English, French and Arabic are also used that can be found on the following links:
Tajweed Rules By Rania Habib