Beginner Levels

For complete beginners we have two introductory levels specifically designed to give students a firm base in the foundations of the Arabic Language: Timheedi Alef and Timheedi Ba.

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Timheedi Alif

This introductory level focuses on learning to read and write the alphabet. Basic vocabulary is introduced to enable the student to hold simple conversations with their teacher. The end goal of this level is for the student to have learnt some basic vocabulary and sentences which will be solidified through reading and writing. For this level the student will complete the book Noor-ul-Bayan which takes between 15-20 hours.

midad programmes

Timheedi Ba

After completion of Timheedi Alif, Timheedi Ba will focus on building up a bigger vocabulary which the student will gain through studying the book Kitab-ul-Assasi alongside visual aids. The student will learn singulars and plurals and how to construct simple sentences with them. They will also continue to build up their ability to have simple conversations. This level takes approximately 20 hours to complete.