Ustadh Ahmed Al-Najjar

Ustadh Ahmed obtained a bachelors of Literature and Education in the Arabic Language faculty at Benha University. He graduated from the Al-Azhar As-Shareef Institute of Quranic recitations and obtained two ijazahs in the riwaya of Hafs and Asim. Currently he is completing a reading in the seven qira’at from the way of As-Shatibi. For the last seven years he have worked as an Arabic Language and Literature teacher for Non-Arabic speakers. He worked in various organizations in the field of Arabic and Quranic studies, including universities, academies and language centers, amongst them:

-Lecturer at Al Faatih University, College of Theology, Istanbul

-Lecturer at the Educational Academy for Research and Development, Istanbul

-Arabic Language and Literature teacher at The Nile Centre, Cairo

-Lecturer at an Academy, care of International Students (Present work)

In addition to the above he led taraweeh prayers in the blessed month of Ramadan at Galaxy Foundation, Sydney