Ustadh Bilal As-Sayed Muhammed As-Sinhooree

Ustadh Bilal obtained a bachelor degree with a high ranking distinction in Quranic Studies, Al-Azhar University. He hold ‏Ijazaat in the lesser and the greater ten Qira’aat, and additional ijazaat in texts including: the text Al-Fawaaid Al-Mutabirah, As-Shatibya, Ad-Dura, At-Tayibah, At-Tutfah and Al-Jazariya. Accredited by:

‏Ustadh Doctor Ahmed Eesa Al-Ma’sarawee

‏Ustadh Doctor Abdul Kareem Salih

‏Shaikh Muhammed Mustafa Al-Wakeel

‏Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Houfee

‏Shaikh Khamees As-Saeed Jaber Saqr

‏Shaikh Ahmed Ramadan Khalil

Shaikh Muhammed Nabeel Ad-Dayef

Ustadh Bilal also obtained fourth place in the Tunisian International Quran competition and first place in the category of the ten Qira’aat in the Quran and Sunnah International Organziation Quran competition. He is an imam and khateeb in a mosque under supervision of the Egyptian ministry.

‎He is treasurer for the charity Lou’a Al-Hamd in Damanhour.